Cara Moda OÜ is an Estonian company and our products are disigned in Finland for Caramel Moda® brand.

Caramel Moda® brand has been dressing demanding women already over 15 years. Cara Moda OÜ still wants to make well designed and comfortable clothes for adult women. We want to invest in high-quality materials and workmanship as a starting point for timeless trendiness.

Our design take place in Finland and Estonia, manufacturing is in Estonia. Caramel Moda® collection includes sedentary garments for different body types for both everyday life and celebration. Our collection are sold by women´s clothing stores and department stores in the Nordic and Baltic countries.


We are looking for agents or distributors in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. If you are interested in selling our label Caramel Moda® and you have good contacts in the Fashion and Retail, then we would be very happy to get in contact with you! Please contact us if you are interested:




You look beautiful in Caramel Moda® !


Fashion World Tokyo 2017

Fashion Center Finland - Grand openings show 2017